Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh darling you send me.

I had a marvellous afternoon. I walked home after selling shoes and put some spinach and cheese puffs in the oven. Watched an episode of The O.C.. Fed Moe, the over sized cat. Set myself up on the grass, helmet secured to my head, skateboard handy. So I practiced a few ollies and then went inside.
For reasons that I can not exactly clarify I kept my helmet on and made my way to the front of the house. Here I went through my Mother and Father's vinyl collection one by one. I love vinyl. Need I say more?
So these are the sweet tunes my ears heard:
Chuck Berry
Sam Cooke, Live at Harlem Square 1963 (my personal favourite)
Elton John
Bob Dylan
Nancy Sinatra
A Jazz collection
The Beatles
and a few more.

If I could I would just always listen to that beautiful record-player.
After keeping my helmet on all afternoon my skull feels lonely.

P.S. I found a 45 that my Mother bought of The Carpenters. It was swell.
Photographs by Anooke.

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