Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let the merryness abound.

The weekend has come upon us. The week has been very busy.

There has been five apples, five repetitive apples, the same apples that I have consumed for the past x amount of years I have been in the schooling system. Cold, speechless lunch times when Svensen was unable to attend because of sickness bought on by the terrible weather conditions. Juniors punching school buses, throwing chairs and slamming doors. Vladimir with kind words of a reassuring nature. Watching a film with my darling Mammy.
And now the weekend draws and I know what it mostly holds. Waking up and finding rain making little tracks down my frosted window pane. Getting dressed to prepare for receiving paper-cuts and selling shoes. Eating lunch after breakfast to avoid my stomach consuming itself whilst selling shoes. Returning home, smelling like I have been cooking donuts. Then solving a rigorous amount of maths equations. thinking about building a blimp. And last, though not in the least of love, analysing the recidivism of crime.

I hope, my dear readers, that Your weekends are abundant in glorious things. Bis bald.
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