Saturday, November 9, 2013

I can do whatever I want

"Cos' I got a cute face and my booty so fat"

The Cue Jumpers

Baby boomers and their predecessors go on and on about how selfish my generation is, But I'm dumbfounded by the rudeness I encounter from them.

In the last six months four women aged between 40-70 have tried to push in front of me in lines. Do they one day wake up and forget how courtesy works? Or do they feel that they have earned the right to push in front of people? never. Are they bitter about the fact that I'm younger than them? 
In any case, middle-aged women need to realise that they could be decent people if they just showed a little more manners. 

In my book, jumping a cue is never okay unless you're completely oblivious, In which case, snap out of it and go back to the end of the line where you should be!

You're not all bad ladies.