Sunday, July 24, 2011


My one week of school holidays for the year are over. They came and they went, but that's okay. I spent the week filing, eating and chillin' with my Mam.
On Wednesday Mammy and I took a day trip together. We had many a splendid time and on the way home she demanded that I take a picture of the trees as we drove out of town. I tried but did not entirely succeed. I ended up with a series of photos that if I was more eccentric I would probably exhibit in an "I can't hold a camera still" exhibition, with each photograph titled "Untled Blur. No. 1", "Untitled Blur. No. 2" etc. So here they are.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Journal. vol. 1

As part of my course we have to make a journal of our inspirations for our final film. This is the beginning.
Pegesus: Allows the hero to ride him to defeat the monster. His rider however, falls off his back trying to reach Mount Olympus. (via Wiki)

Fruit loops sister wa.