Monday, December 20, 2010

Obstacles of being. Part four.

A sticky situation: Strolling through the supermarket I came upon the juice isle. It had been quite a while since I had had juice so I became quite excited by the thought of having a refreshing cup of icy-cold fruit juice. I stood in front of the selection for what seemed like five minutes but was actually probably more like five seconds and pondered which juice I wanted. With a smile on my face I leaped forward and grasped the bottle. As a went to put it in the trolley I looked down and noticed that my hair was stuck to the bottle. In panic I spun around and tryed to return the sticky bottle to the shelf in a bee-swarm-like motion. I spent the rest of the grocery shopping time rubbing my hands together because they were so sticky and trying to untangle my sticky hair.
I said to Mama: "lets cut it off!". She replied: "But you love your hair". It's like an arm or a finger, some days you like it some days you despise it, but its always there.
Image via weheartit.

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