Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Soothe Yourself.

Of late I have been brewing iced tea, the sourness of the fresh lemon juice combined with the green vanilla tea thrills my senses. My tea making distracts me from the fact that Lella, Zee, Be and Mishka Von Strauski have left me, and returned to their holiday-no-more locations.

I find myself re working the lyrics of songs in my head to relate my circumstances. I think of the rub-down stickers Lella gave me some months ago and where I shall put them. I do not want to waste them because they are far too cool. However I recently tried to use one of my Harry Potter rub-down stickers and found that they had expired and were sticky no more. This experience troubled me and now I find myself worrying if my new stickers will expire if I do not use them in the near future. And that is where I leave you.
Image via Tumblr.

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