Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glory deck.

My first goal, (from my list of goals, listed below) is beginning to be reality. On Tuesday I partook in the purchase of my first skateboard. After months of looking through Lella's copy of New Skateboard Graphics, by J. Mamdev Hardisty, I was slightly worried that I wouldn't find a skateboard that I thought was pleasing to the eye. But lo! I walked into the store and saw the timber-jackish glory. The nice man with a British accent who worked at the store helped me to choose the pieces I required and then put it all together for me. Zee and Be were horrified when the grip tape went on and the nice label that was on the top of the deck was covered, Zee said, 'But that's the best part" and put her hands to her face. The process was enjoyable.
Today I went skating with Vladimir, a character you are not yet familiar with. It was a little frightening but thrilling all the same. And that is my tale my beloved readers.
Images by myself, Anooke.

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