Tuesday, July 20, 2010

By the sea.

I first saw Todd McMillan's 'By The Sea' in 2007 at the MCA with Zee. I loved it but I forgot to check the name of the artist. For the months proceeding I tried to make my own version but I realised that mini DV tapes only went for about forty minutes in comparison to the twelve hours that Mr McMillan spent standing still in the bitter cold.
So three years later [three weeks ago to be exact] I was shown a copy of 'I Love You I Want You I Need You' and it all clicked.
Todd McMillan creates amazing time-based videos. He is definitely one of my favourite artists.

'Something I'm quite interested in is lampooning what you love, and in a way I really love that sense of romanticism and that sense of the bigness and the wonder. But in the same way I can't really see it having a real thing in my life, so it's a way of sort of making fun, but also paying homage as well to an idea that I find quite beautiful...'

I couldn't find any of his actual works online but I did find this, I think it is Todd McMillan but if not it is enjoyable anyway.

Still Photograph from 'By The Sea'.


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  2. This isn't as exciting as the spambot above, but it is somewhere that hosts "By The Sea" online. Enjoy. https://vimeo.com/20540358